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We Are SolarInertia Power Pvt. Ltd.

And this is our Story.

Our journey to make India energy independent started on January 22nd 2010. Since then our drive to deliver power right your doorstep has not diminished by even a single degree. Starting off with Solar Hot Water system, SolarInertia quickly rose to the top by cultivating a base of satisfied clients and excellent service. Providing state of the art equipment at economic investment only added to the success. Soon enough in 2013 we bagged the milestone of 25000 LPD installations across India. Till date the clients enjoy their hot water contributing to our legacy of energy independence.

The year was 2014 when SolarInertia decide to venture into the niche market of Solar PV. Backed by a rolodex of acquaintances and happy clients, we began our journey to achieve new great heights. A small 5 kWp project was among the first. Since then rigorous marketing and our too-good-to-be-true offers converted leads contributing into our fast growing portfolio. We catered to residential, commercial and industrial customers. In 2017, we hit the milestone of a single 1.2 MWp project. Since then we have been working hard even more to become the most trusted EPC player of India.

Satisfied with our success so far, we delved into maintenance aspect of the PV systems. Manual cleaning of pv system once crossed a certain system size becomes a hazardous liability and time consuming affair.To increase ROI and enable hassel-free cleaning, SolarInertia devised a automatic module cleaning. system. We ingeniously crafted a sprinkler-based cleaning system to be installed alongside PV system. This solution helped our clients schedule their cleaning programs without lifting a finger. To reach across different needs, we have started offering Robotic arm cleaning solutions as well.